End of quarter 2

So at the end of quarter two, I have reached my goals of teaching myself paper marbling. I have been doing extensive research on the Turkish form of Ebru, and the Japanese form of Suminagashi, which are two ancient marbling styles.

I have been contemplating the significance of my project, which at this point is trying to take marbling out of its traditional context and trying to modernize it- teaching myself contemporary processes and trying them out through documented experiments, AND for the first time marbling sculptural objects.

To prepare for my delve into these new processes, I placed an open request in the morning announcements asking for nail polish donations, and the response has been staggering! I have received so many donations, and will begin this process over break.

To prepare for the sculptural marbling projects, I have been painting some animal bones I have with a primer, to prep them for marbling. ImageImage



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